Weymouth Walks

Character Farm Cottages Langton Herring Weymouth

Weymouth is an absolute haven for anyone looking for a walking holiday in Dorset. We had the immense pleasure of staying at Character Farm Cottages Langton Herring, just outside of Weymouth, which was off-the-beaten-track enough to enjoy a truly rural retreat but only 15 minutes or so drive to all of the main sightseeing attractions and walking routes.

Hardys Monument Dorchester

An enjoyable 8 mile circular Dorset walk from Martinstown near Dorchester to Hardys Monument walking route and Maiden Castle.

Langton Herring Walking Route

Easy 3 mile circular Langton Herring Walking Route from Lower Farm Cottages to the Fleet Lagoon Nature Reserve and back via the Elm Tree Inn.

Abbotsbury Walking Route

This is an 8 mile circular walking route from our base at Lower Farm Cottages in Langton Herring near Weymouth up to Abbotsbury and a good look around Abbey Barn and Tythe, St Catherines Chapel and St Peters Abbey before heading back along the various Dorset country lanes to Langton Herring.


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