Autumn Walking Festivals

Autumn Winter Walking Festivals 2013

September is the last big month in the walking festival calendar so here is a list of ones you can still attend this weekend as well as the others that are happening this autumn and winter. I found this list on the ViewRanger website and it also shows all of the walking festivals for 2013 so while you’ve missed most of them you can check all the links here to start planning for next year. You don’t need a walking festival to get outdoors and walk your favourite routes, like I have done with my Epping Forest walks, but if you like the company then why not try out some of these ones. You can view all of my ViewRanger walks here.

National Trust Top 10 Secret Walks

Walks And WalkingNational Trust Top 10 Secret Walks – Amazing walks only accessible by foot recently made available to the public by the National Trust. Each one of the National Trust Top 10 Secret Walks can only be accessed by foot. I often find the best hidden treasures on any walking route take a little bit of effort to get to. The list has been carefully selected by National Trust experts who wanted to showcase walks that offered a unique experience whether a hidden viewpoint, newly accessible coastal paths or the story of an old legend to encourage walkers to explore and share the many special places the National Trust looks after. Read more here National Trust Top 10 Secret Walks


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