Epping Forest Bluebells

Epping Forest Bluebells

Epping Forest is a vast area to explore with many varying landscapes, a diverse range of wildlife and interesting heritage features from different periods of history. The Forest stretches for over 21km (13 miles) from Manor Park in East London into South West Essex and is a stunning place to visit for all. You can find out more information about different areas of the forest here.

Epping Forest Bluebells

Bluebell In Epping Forest - Walks And Walking

Bluebell In Epping Forest – Walks And Walking

Epping Forest Bluebells

Bluebells can normally be seen in spring at Chalet Wood, Wanstead Park but today there were a few in and around Copped Hall (pictured) in Epping Forest which is close to Upshire.

Wanstead Park was originally the site of medieval manor houses and later a Tudor mansion, owned at one time by the Earl of Leicester. Wanstead House was rebuilt in 1715 as one of the great Palladian mansions of its day. Extravagant living and bankruptcy caused the family’s downfall in 1822 and the house itself was finally demolished in 1825.

Two Listed buildings both built in the 1760′s remain within the Grade II* (Grade ll* means it is an area of more than special interest, warranting every effort to preserve) historic parkland: The Temple and The Grotto which is the ruin of the ornamental boathouse. For more about Wanstead Park click here.


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